Child Safety & Behavior Policy

PH - Child Safety & Behavior

PDF Version BOE Approved: 09/08/2015
Updated: 07/01/2016
Reviewed: 06/11/2019
PH Child Safety and Behavior

Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children while they are in the library. The library reserves the right to limit the use of the library by children and parents who, in the judgment of the library staff, are infringing upon the rights of other library users by inappropriate behavior.

PHA Unattended Child

Parents and caregivers (over the age of 11) of children under 9, or of individuals with special needs, are to remain with them and supervise their behavior at all times, including while attending a library program.

For the safety and welfare of the child, parents should not request or expect library personnel to babysit or monitor their children.

Children age 9 and above may use the library unattended subject to other rules and regulations of the library pertaining to behavior, conduct and demeanor.

1. Children with Special Needs

Children who have special needs because of disabling conditions such as impaired physical and mental ability, disruptive behavior, emotional problems, inadequate attention span, incomplete social skills, etc., must be attended by a responsible person at all times.

2. Children in Need of Care/Reporting

When library staff have reason to suspect that any child is in need of care due to abandonment, lack of supervision or neglect based on a failure to comply with or utter disregard of this policy, the situation shall be reported promptly to the State Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services or other law enforcement agency officials in compliance with KSA 38‐1522(c).