Turner Community Library

831 S. 55th St., Kansas City, KS 66106 | 913.295.8250

Welcome to KCKPL's Turner Community Library!

  • Current Open Branch Hours & Curbside Service Hours:
  •  Monday-Thursday    9AM - 6PM
  •   Friday    9AM - 5PM
  •  Saturday    10AM - 2PM
  •  Sunday CLOSED
Turner Community Library
The Turner Community Library is located in the Turner Recreation Commission Community Center. People can access the Library through the front doors of the Center and then by going down the stairs and to the left. An entrance at the back of the Center provides more immediate access to the Library and requires no stairs or elevators to get to the Library.

The Turner Community Library is a 1,700 square-foot library and has more than 10,000 items, including books, Blu-ray DVDS, and DVDs. Patrons also can request and receive materials from other Kansas City, Kanas Public Libraries along with other libraries throughout the county.

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At this Branch

The following services and equipment are available at the Turner Community Library. Click on the headers for additional information.
This facility includes six (6) handicap parking spots. Ramps and elevators are located throughout the building but not directly to the Library. Handicap restrooms are located within the building and are accessible via the elevator. The building also has automatic door openers.
The Turner Recreation Commission Center has a parking lot available to people using the center and this includes the Library. The parking lot includes six (6) dedicated handicap parking spots.
The Turner Community Library has 12 computers available to patrons. The lab also includes a printer. Printing costs 10 cents a page for black & white and 50 cents a page for color.
The following equipment is available to patrons at this location.
  • Computers
  • Printer
  • Self-checkout machine
  • Outdoor materials return
  • Scanner

At Turner, you can checkout books and walk outside to a playground.

Upcoming Events

Turner Events and Programs

Branch Manager - Aaron Froelich

Aaron Froelich
Aaron Froelich oversees KCKPL's Turner Community Library.

Contact him directly at afroelich@kckpl.org.