Special Notices:
All library branches will be closed on May 29 for Memorial Day.

Information about Kansas City, Kansas Public Library

Strategic Plan: Vision, Mission & Goals

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Library adopted a new Strategic Plan for the 2022-2027 Fiscal Years. This Strategic Plan was approved by the USD 500 School Board on May 31, 2022.


Vision: Leading the way in Reading, Information, and Culture.
Mission: Connecting members of our dynamic community with information, tools, resources, and welcoming spaces to enrich their lives.
  • Goal 1: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)
  • Goal 2: Welcoming Library Users
  • Goal 3: Library Building and Business Operations
  • Goal 4: Library Staffing

Goal 1: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)
EQUITY is fairness and social justice in the treatment of people while recognizing that each person’s needs may differ due to physical, financial, emotional, mental, or socioeconomic barriers. DIVERSITY is how a person is identified, including age, gender, culture, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, language, and ability. INCLUSION is making people feel they are welcome and belong as valued members of the library community. These three principles are the guiding force in this strategic plan. Though EDI is listed as the first goal, all goals were created with EDI as a priority and essential factor. The objectives listed under Goal One will be accomplished through the action items in Goals Two through Four.

All library operations will be responsive to the needs of a diverse community.
  1. Objective 1: Professional EDI and Americans with Disabilities Act audits of the library system
  2. Objective 2: A more diverse, bilingual staff that reflects the community
  3. Objective 3: Training in diversity and equity issues for all staff
  4. Objective 4: A plan and actions for community feedback
  5. Objective 5: Continuation of the staff EDI Committee to evaluate internal processes

Goal 2: Welcoming Library Users
Public libraries have a responsibility to meet the needs of the entire community. A welcoming library ensures that all people in the community can access collections, programs, and services, no matter who they are. Access to information and entertainment improves people’s lives and helps build a thriving community.

The library will ensure full access to collections, programs, and services.
  1. Objective 1: Library programs, outreach, and collections that reflect community needs and motivate diverse groups to seek access
    • Action Item A: Enlist a consulting service to conduct community surveys.
    • Action Item B: Continue to connect with local cultural organizations for programming ideas.
    • Action Item C: Incorporate translation services into programs when needed.
    • Action Item D: Expand services and resources for immigrants.
    • Action Item E: Expand programs and services for teenagers.
    • Action Item F: Continue virtual programming to reach communities outside of the library.
    • Action Item G: Coordinate, develop, and expand upon early literacy programs and services.
    • Action Item H: Incorporate lifelong, digital, health, and financial literacy into programming.
    • Action Item I: Organize and expand branch and mobile library outreach to community organizations and groups.
    • Action Item J: Enhance our strategy to target underserved communities.
    • Action Item K: Evaluate homebound deliveries.
    • Action Item L: Expand local book drop-off locations to detention facilities, senior centers, community centers, shelters, and other community areas in need.
  2. Objective 2: Technology that expands access
    • Action Item A: Explore more technology such as charging stations and extra outlets and offer mobile hot spots, cords, laptops, and tablets for check out.
    • Action Item B: Invest in adaptive equipment for use with public computers.
    • Action Item C: Expand one-on-one technology support for patrons.
    • Action Item D: Improve library catalog computer experience with enhanced features.
    • Action Item E: Enhance mobile printing options.

Goal 3: Library Building and Business Operations
A library building must be safe, functional, and welcoming for the safety and comfort of both patrons and staff. Building and business operations include not only the maintenance of the buildings and grounds but also policies and procedures for using those buildings.

Library spaces will be functional, safe, and welcoming.
  1. Objective 1: Safe and functional library facilities
    • Action Item A: Update and increase the number of security cameras to provide more coverage and detail.
    • Action Item B: Hire an outside contractor to conduct a safety audit in all library buildings and outdoor spaces.
    • Action Item C: Redesign the system-wide emergency preparedness plans that addresses safety for staff with disabilities and requires annual staff training on all emergencies related to weather, security, and building status.
  2. Objective 2: Welcoming spaces and open areas in library facilities
    • Action Item A: Translate all necessary printed library communication into dominant languages spoken in Wyandotte County.
    • Action Item B: Identify publicly accessible, gender-neutral restrooms.
  3. Objective 3: Consistently evaluated, modified, and maintained library facilities
    • Action Item A: Review Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations in areas such as stairways, walkways, and parking lots.
    • Action Item B: Purchase landscaping services to maintain outdoor spaces and keep sidewalks, paths, and ramps clear.

Goal 4: Library Staffing
A library staff that is well-trained and supported by the organization is important to the health of the organization as a whole. This staff will be more likely to retain their positions with the organization, look for growth within the organization, and provide better service to patrons. Hiring, training, and on-the-job processes should be designed with staff needs in mind.

Library staff will be supported through enhanced hiring, training, and on-the-job processes.
  1. Objective 1: A transparent Human Resources department that reflects and reacts to the needs of library staff
    • Action Item A: Provide assistance for Human Resources by hiring additional staff.
    • Action Item B: Reevaluate the pre-employment test to ensure equitable opportunity.
    • Action Item C: Redesign the process for posting jobs to be more consistent and focus on recruiting diverse candidates.
    • Action Item D: Continue to ensure that staff receives equitable pay for their education, experience, and special skills.
    • Action Item E: Provide additional compensation to staff who provide bilingual services in dominant languages.
    • Action Item F: Redesign the process for writing and reviewing job descriptions that includes access to descriptions for all staff.
    • Action Item G: Make the annual review process more meaningful by using tools like stay interviews.
  2. Objective 2: A program of professional activities for staff growth and enrichment
    • Action Item A: Establish a procedure and consistent payment strategy for how staff can obtain outside training and attend conferences.
    • Action Item B: Design a future leaders program.
    • Objective 3: An onboarding process for new employees that is consistent and useful
    • Action Item A: Build benchmarks to ensure all training is consistent across the system.
    • Action Item B: Centralize the welcome packets for new employees so they are more comprehensive and consistent.
    • Action Item C: Create a staff handbook for the entire library system.
    • Action Item D: Incorporate soft skills training into the employee onboarding process.
    • Action Item E: Incorporate policy and procedure training into the employee onboarding process.
    • Action Item F: Reevaluate the formal technology training on all platforms, devices, and software used by the library.
    • Action Item G: Assign new employees a staff mentor.
  3. Objective 4: A training program that builds knowledgeable, empowered, and productive staff
    • Action Item A: Create employee training on current industry trends, standards, and library practices.
    • Action Item B: Continue cross-training for all branches and departments.
    • Action Item C: Reevaluate training for staff promoted to a new position.
    • Action Item D: Formalize internal and external customer service standards for all branches and departments.
    • Action Item E: Provide enhanced technology training for staff by hiring additional staff.
    • Action Item F: Reevaluate formal technology training on all new platforms, devices, and software.
  4. Objective 5: Boosted employee morale and well-being
    • Action Item A: Expand staff recognition honors to include achievements.
    • Action Item B: Develop a committee to make in-service more meaningful and relatable to the staff.
    • Action Item C: Focus on employee morale to help retain current employees.
    • Action Item D: Re-implement standardized opportunities for staff feedback such as staff satisfaction surveys and a staff comment form.
  5. Objective 6: Efficient communication to staff
    • Action Item A: Ensure all communications are thorough and consistent in voice.

Library Administration Contacts

KCKPL Administration and Staff Members can be reached by calling 913.295.8250 and then dialing the extension of the staff member or using the directory. The following extensions can get you to a Library Branch or Library Administration.
Press 1 for Main Library
Press 2 for Schlagle Library
Press 3 for South Branch Library
Press 4 for Turner Community Library
Press 5 for West Wyandotte Library
Press 6 for Library Administration
Press 7 for a Directory by Name
Dial 6500 for Mobile Library Voice Mailbox

Administrative Contacts

Click or scroll through the contacts below to see our Administrative Staff.

Library Closings

In order to fulfill its mission of public service, KCKPL will make every reasonable effort to open to the public as scheduled, consistent with safe access for the public and staff. Inclement weather can cause transportation problems and locally hazardous conditions with possible power outages. KCKPL will close, delay opening, or close ahead of schedule when the weather becomes hazardous to the health and/or safety of the public and/or library staff. Emergency/inclement weather closings will be authorized by the Director.

KCKPL closings will be announced to the public via www.kckpl.org, social media, signage, the media and the library’s outgoing phone message.

When KCKPL is closed, patrons can manage their accounts online, access library databases, streaming media, and checkout ebooks and eAudiobooks. All due dates effected by the closure will be adjusted to the next open day.

All locations of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library will close on the following special dates.
Independence Day
Labor Day
Staff Inservice Day
Thanksgiving Holiday
Winter Holiday
New Year's Holiday
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
President's Day
Spring Holiday
Staff Inservice Day
Memorial Day
Juneteenth Holiday

Working at the Library

To learn more about working at the KCKPL and view current openings, click here.

Volunteering at the Library

KCKPL offers volunteer opportunities for young adults (high school age and older) and adults. Volunteer jobs generally require a minimum commitment of 20 hours, but exceptions are made for school projects and special events. Volunteers help with a variety of activities including:
Shelving materials
Assisting with children's programs
Straightening up around the library
Assorted other jobs

Download a PDF of the Volunteer Application by clicking here.

Rules of Conduct

The purpose of the library is to provide materials and services in a welcoming, safe, environment. In order to provide an appropriate environment, KCKPL has Code of Conduct that is in effect at all times. KCKPL asks Patrons to follow the instructions of library staff and law enforcement officers (LEOs). Staff will ask anyone violating the Code of Conduct to leave the building. Depending on the severity of the infraction, library administration may ban a person from the library and, possibly, file charges.

To review the Code of Conduct, click here.

Children at the Library

The library is a great place for families to learn and have fun, but the library does not offer childcare. KCKPL asks parents to watch their children and keep them safe and well behaved while in the library.

  • Children age 8 or younger must have an adult age 11 or older in charge of them at all times.
  • Children age 8 or younger or those with special needs left unattended at the library will be reported to SRS and/or the Police Department.
  • Children age 15 or younger left at the library at closing will be reported to SRS or the Police Department
Anyone using the public library that does not follow the library’s rules or ignores staff instructions may be asked to leave the library.

Libraries are large places, open to the public. Due to the multiple demands on library staff, they cannot attend to the location of children and assure their safety. Please keep a close watch on your children when they are in the library.

Library Governance

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Library is governed by the Board of Education of Unified School District #500. The board consists of seven members elected by the citizens of USD #500. Click here for more about the Board of Education.

KCKPL also receives a portion of its funding from the Wyandotte County Library Board. This board consists of 11 (eleven) members that are appointed by the Unified Government of Wyandotte County Commissioners. The County Library Board has the authority to set the County Library Tax Levy. Click here to see the current members of the library board.

Library Foundation

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Library Foundation (KCK Public Library Foundation) is an independent, community-based nonprofit organization whose purpose is to raise private money to enrich services and expand the reach of our publicly supported library system. A far-sighted and generous gift from the Marguerite Lubratovic Estate in 2007 established the foundation. More information can be found about the Foundation by going here or to the organization's website.

Donating to the Library

Individual Giving

Donations: You may make a donation to support the Library at any time by mailing a check payable to the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library Foundation.

Tributes: Gifts to the KCK Library Foundation offer a unique way to honor a graduation, anniversary, birthday or other special event in the life of someone you love or admire. An attractive note is sent to the person being honored to inform him or her of your gift. The amount of the gift is kept confidential; you will receive a confirmation and an acknowledgement that your gift has been received and a note has been sent to the honoree.

Memorials: A gift to the KCK Library Foundation in memory of a family member or friend is a special way to express the value both you and your honoree place in lifelong learning and the library. If you choose, a notice of your gift will be sent to a family member of someone else close to the individual being honored. The amount of your gift will be kept confidential; you will receive a confirmation and an acknowledgement that your gift has been received and a notice sent.

Other Gift Options

**We are currently not accepting material donations.
Donations of Materials: The Library welcomes donations of books, other materials and historical documents. Condition, processing requirements and space availability all contribute to decisions about the disposition of these donations. Materials may be sold, donated or discarded at the Library’s discretion. Donated materials will not be returned to donors.
Donors who wish to help build the collections are encouraged to consult with Library staff about titles that are needed and desired. Donations of substantial worth, such as rare books or special editions, significant personal library collections, art objects or equipment should be arranged through the Executive Director of Libraries.

For other options, please review this PDF document. If you are interested in making a gift to the KCK Public Library Foundation, click here for a PDF form.